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JEANNIE WHEATLEY will be the instructor for this year's series of weaving workshops.

  • Beginning Weaving is offered May 5 and 6, 9am-4pm both days, $145 or $130 for Har-Ber Village Museum members
    This is a two day class for anyone interested in learning to weave with no previous experience.  This is a fast moving class that covers all the basics of weaving on a floor loom from warping the loom, reading patterns, weaving and finishing the project. Everyone will leave the class with a completed project. Looms, yarn, material and all supplies including in the cost. Class minimum 2; maximum 4.

  • A Taste of Weaving is offered June 2, 9am-4pm, $80 or $70 for HBVM members
    This class is for anyone who may be interested in weaving but would like to try it before investing in equipment. Weaving is on a four harness floor loom.  Looms are warped (threaded) for the class.  Students will learn basics of weaving a project with various shuttles, how to read a pattern, variations in looms, possible projects that can be made with weaving.  Each person will take home a completed item.  Looms, yarn, materials and supplies are included in cost. Class minimum 2; maximum 4.

  • Extended Beginning Weaving is offered July 27, 28 and 29, 9am-4pm all days, $225 or $200 for HBVM members
    This is a three day beginning weaving class.  This covers more topics and techniques than the two day Beginning Weaving Class. Class covers topics including various types of warping, yarns, colors, reading and understanding a variety of patterns, weaving the project, finishing techniques and how to fix common mistakes in weaving.  Looms, yarns and all supplies are included in this class.  Each student will take home at least one or more completed samples. Class minimum 2; maximum 4.

  • Rag Rug Weaving is offered August 11 & 12, 9am-4pm both days, $100 or $90 for HBVM members
    Class includes learning to warp, weave and finish rag rugs using strips of material on a two or four harness floor loom.  All material and looms are provided.  Students are encouraged to bring their own looms if desired. Class minimum 2; maximum 4.

  • Beginning Spinning is offered on August 25, 10am-4pm  Cost $40 or $35 for HBVM members
    Students will learn the basics of spinning their own yarn out of wool using a spinning wheel and/or a drop spindle.  Basics include learning to pick, comb and spin wool into usable yarn.  Spinning wheels and drop spindles are provided in class. Any students wishing to bring their own wheels or spindles are encouraged to do so. Anyone wanting to purchase a drop spindle for the day can do so for an additional $10. Class minimum 2; maximum 4.