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3 for the Money (left) will play at Har-Ber Village for the May 12, 1960s dinner and dance.

Scott Eastman and Max Barnett have played off and on since the 1990s—together in a band, as a duo, and as a trio with his wife Debra (pictured). Debra’s father is Max Brown, a well-known longtime Joplin performer, and her daughter, Sara Dunn, is a country recording performer. Scott's most recent notable venture  is playing for country singer Doug Stone for several years.

Welcome to the decade of peace, love, and Swedish Fish. In the 1960s, we said goodbye to two great men who were taken from us too soon, we took a giant leap, were stuck on an island with Gilligan, and got inked thanks to Fruit Striped gum.

It seemed like everyone was glued to the TV as history colorfully unfolded in our living rooms. You pretended to be an astronaut exploring the planets while enjoying the space themed Astro Pop. Nothing said summer like the glistening chrome of a new Schwinn Stingray and a bike ride around the neighborhood. You knew you and your best friend were meant to be because they ate all the Starburst flavors you didn’t like.

Eventually, you both discovered the art of getting the maximum amount of Pixy Stick dust out of its paper container. You’ll never forget what your first Barbie doll was wearing when you got her. Or when your brother attacked her with his G.I Joe. Young adults took on the hippie lifestyle as they preached a world of love and shocked the nation with their antics at Woodstock.

What was your favorite 1960s candy? Enjoy samples of some of these candies at Har-Ber Village on May 12!

Bay of Pigs, Beatle Mania & Barbie Doll: Remembering the 1960s

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Get in the spirit for Har-Ber Village's Remembering the 60s event by dressing in your favorite 1960s outfits from bell bottoms to stretch pants with stirrups to leather to tie dye!

 Schedule  of Activities for May 12, 2018

Extended hours! From 9am - 5:00 pm, explore the fads and fashions of the 1960s!

Crafts: try your hand at tie dye, making a colorful peace sign, creating paper flowers, beaded necklaces and "gum" chains!

Games: Chinese Jump Rope, Hula Hoop

Toys: Etch-a-Sketch, "erasable" drawing pads, Spirograph, Silly Putty, PlayDoh.

TV series and 1960s movies and commercials: watch Leave it to Beaver episodes and To Kill a Mockingbird (showing at 10am and 1:30pm).

Try your hand at dance steps, listen to 60s music, see 60s cars and hairstyles, answer questions about your memories of the 1960s, and more!

After the museum closes, come to the Café at 5:30 for a themed  dinner (Petite Sirloin Steak, served with a Baked Potato, Vegetables, and a Dinner Salad,
includes Coffee or Tea) and dance (see below) at the Event Tent at 6:00 pm. Reservations are required for the dinner ($12 per adult; $7 per child up to age 13; $2 discount for Har-Ber Village members), but you can drop in for the music and dance for free. Tickets for the dinner may be purchased online.

Around 9:00 pm or as soon as it gets dark, families are invited to enjoy the 1960s movie favorite Chitty Chitty Bang Bang on the outdoor inflatable screen next to the Event Tent. There is no charge for the film. Refreshments will be sold.

Bring your chairs and blankets!

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