Har-Ber Village Museum Grove OK

Who                          What                       Where Building #              

Ruth Field                  Sausage Making *    Living History Cabin 17      
Chris Morgan           Country Doc              Doctor's Office/House 11  
Cheryl Franklin        Soap Making             Lowery Cabin 14                
Kay Little                  School Marm*          Schoolhouse 15                    
Brianna Jackson     Thaumatropes*        Front of Bricked area next to 38
Lee Chamberlain   Corn Grinding*         Bricked-in area next to 38          
Gary Hansford       Weaving/spinning * Weaving exhibit 43               
Mary McCreery      Basket Weaving       Craft room, lower level 46   
Tim Field                 Printing *                 Print Shop 94                         

Who                          What                      Where Building #  

Vyrl Keeter             Flintknapping              beside Dining Room on Bench next to 5
Hands-on Station Checkers Game*        inside Saloon 6                     
Hands-on Station Fence Building*          beside Lowry Cabin next to 14
Michelle Hilderbrand 19th Century Herbs * Living History Cabin 17
Hands-on Station Pioneer Paper Dolls* Sewing Shop 24
Hands-on Station Pumping water, washing clothes* Laundry 28
Billie Helton           Blacksmithing            Blacksmith Shop 38
Paula Bollman      Quilt tying*                 Craft Room, upper level 46
Hands-on Station Quit Designs*            Quilt Exhibit 47
Hands-on Station Cow Milking*             Next to Butter Churn Display 82
Hands-on Station Loading a Model Covered Wagon* Outside Wagon Shed outside 89
Joi & Jonee             Dyeing                          Stop #90        
Robert Stone         Tinsmithing               Courthouse 101
Terry Presley Group Dutch Oven cooking, leather working  Along parking lot Parking Lot
Matt Wells             Log Hewing                  New Log Cabin Across from Picnic Pavilion

Who                          What                       Where Building #  

Ruth Field              Hearth Cooking            Living History Cabin 17
Nethla Field          Sausage Making             Bricked-in area next to 38
Tim Field               Weaving *                       Weaving exhibit 43
Jeannie Wheatley Flax Working *                  Bandstand 45
Mike & Carlos       Living History re-enactors       Jail 100
Doug Crane          Banjo Making                      Courthouse 101
Mike Cavenah      Mountain Man, Living History         Along parking lot Parking Lot





2018 Pioneer Days on October 12 and 13

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Thank you to our sponsors!

Images below are from past Pioneer Days

PIONEER DAYS at Har-Ber Village Museum will be held on Friday and Saturday, October 12 and 13, 2018. Friday is primarily focused on activities for school groups; Saturday for the public and scout groups.

Enjoy a simpler, hands-on way of life as volunteers demonstrate skills that made our pioneer ancestors self-reliant. 2018 activities listed below