Har-Ber Village Museum Grove OK

You may walk the trail 7 days a week from dawn to dusk free of charge! The gates close at dusk--but the right hand gate will open when a car approaches it if you are inside when the gates close.

Red is paved and wheelchair accessible; yellow is gravel paths.

Following are common practices and guidelines for behavior while on the Har-Ber Village Nature Trail. When in doubt, smile and use common sense.

-- The trail is open to all non-motorized users. Motorized wheelchairs are permitted in designated areas. Camping is not allowed.

-- The trail is open dawn to dusk. Once the main gates close, the exit gate will open to let cars out, but vehicles will not be able to enter.

-- Respect other trail users.

• Appreciate the sounds of nature and keep noise levels low.

• If taking a break, move off the trail to allow others to pass.

• If hiking in a group, get in single file to allow others to pass.

• Hikers going downhill should yield to those hiking uphill.

•  Pedestrians always have the right-of-way.  Keep right and pass on the left.

Warn trail users as you approach from behind by saying something like “On your left!”

• Travel at a safe and reasonable speed. Be courteous to all other users regardless of their sport, speed or skill level.

-- Show care and consideration when using the Nature Trail. Open lawns, shelters and trails are meant for everyone. Help us preserve and protect this unique setting for generations to come.

Dispose of waste (even biodegradable items such as banana peels) in designated bins located around the trails. Keeping the Nature Trail clean is everyone’s responsibility. Littering not only spoils the beauty of the trail, it may also harm the animals.

Help reduce waste. Instead of using one brochure each, consider sharing one with your group. When done, return brochures still in a good condition for others to use.

Be a responsible pet owner. In order to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all, kindly put your furry friends on a short leash and muzzle them if necessary. Most importantly, please clean up after your pet.    

Stay on designated trails for your own safety and protection of the environment. By going off the trails, you risk stepping on fragile or dangerous plants and animals or trespassing on private property. Leave our beautiful flora and fauna to thrive in their natural habitats.

Appreciate wildlife from afar and maintain a safe distance from them. Giving animals food only disrupts their natural foraging habits.

Smoking is prohibited on the trails for the safety of our woodlands, visitors and museum.

Ask at the Visitor Center about designated smoking areas.

Park your vehicles only in designated lots without blocking others. Be gracious and leave the accessible spaces for those who truly need them.

Report any maintenance and security needs of the Nature Trails to Visitor Center staff.

Alcoholic beverages, drugs, and firearms are not allowed on the grounds.

Vandalism and/or theft is prohibited and will result in prosecution.

Reckless behavior that endangers other trail users is prohibited and users may be asked to leave.

Leave what you find. The only souvenirs a hiker should come home with are
photographs and happy memories. (And maybe an improved fitness level!)

Grab a bite to eat at the Café at Har-Ber Village. Shop at the Country Store.
Looking for a space to hold an event? Ask at the Visitor Center about our rental facilities.

Bay of Pigs, Beatle Mania & Barbie Doll: Remembering the 1960s


Har-Ber Village Nature Trail
Rules of Etiquette & Guidelines

Please obey all signs.

Leave nothing but footprints.
Take nothing but photos.
Kill nothing but time.
Keep nothing but memories.

While walking the Nature Trail is free, museum visits do require an admission fee.
Please go to the Visitor Center
to purchase  admission tickets.

3rd Sat. in March thru the 1st Sat. in Nov.
Nature Trail
The trail is open 6am-9 pm

Admission fee Thurs.- Mon., 79am - 3:30 pm
Museum off-limits all day Tues. & Wed. and
before 9am and after 3:30pm, Thurs. thru Mon.

1st Sun. in Nov. thru 3rd Fri. in March
Nature Trail
The trail is open 7am-6 pm

Museum is closed and off-limits
har-bervillage.com     918-786-6446
Café      918-787-7617