Marilyn* and Jim Conner & Todd Family Charitable Foundation 2018

Davis & Thompson, The Corkle Charitable Foundation 2013-2015

The McCain Estate 2012-2014

The Grove Rotary Foundation and Grove Rotary Club 2012-2018

The Grove Tourism Bureau 2018

Don and Doris Schlafke 2018

HERITAGE PATRON $1,000-$2,499

Bank of Grove  2012-2017

Cherokee Nation, organizational support 2015-2018

Grand Prosthetics Lightweight Artificial Limbs- map sponsor 2013

Grove Sun, Cheryl Franklin, Publisher, 2015

Leonard* and Peggy Francis, 2017

Don and Chris Hoose 2015

Muscari Law- member, map sponsor 2013, event sponsor 2014


Shane* and Kim Berry, Timbered-in Catering 2017

Jon* and Amy Bidnick 2018

Gary and Rebecca Brock 2016

Brand and Sandy Busch 2016

Richard and Shirley Cantrell 2016

Ivan and Barbara Devitt 2017

Cy and Linda Elmburg 2016

Grand Country Pest Control2018

Harp's Food Store 2016

Michael and Kay* Johnston 2018

Judy McHenry and Suzanne Knott 2018

John and Linda Mash 2018

Don* and Barbara Pappe 2018

Signs by Sikorski — Production Sponsor 2018

Tulsa Garden Railroad Club 2017

Charlie and Kristi Wallace, Wells Fargo Advisers 2018

Otis and Ann Winters 2018


Arvest Bank Event Sponsor 2018

Brown and Brown of Arkansas, Todd Setser Event Sponsor 2018

Richard and Shelly Cannon 2018

Amelia and Lee Chamberlain  2018

Dave and Diana Claggett 2017

James Corbridge, Jr. and Pauline Hale  2018

Bob and Linda Corlett 2018

The Evans, Bridges, Siems Families — Event Sponsor 2018

Harps Food Stores, Inc.2018

Muscari LawEvent Sponsor 2018

Ken & Myra Noteboom Event Sponsor 2018

Mary Oyler — Event Sponsor 2017

Chuck and Victoria Perry, ReMax Grand Lake  Event Sponsor 2018

REC - Northeast Oklahoma Electric Cooperative   Event Sponsor 2018

Rich & Cartmill, Inc.  Event Sponsor 2018

Pam* and Howard Sitton, Picture Framing and More 2018


David Adzigian 2018
Terry* and Debbi Ary 2018
Wayne and Eddisu Barker 2018
Brian and Barbie Barnes 2018
Mike and Susan Bass 2018
Claudia and Owen Butler 2018
Bill Smith and Judy Campbell 2017
Norm and Robyn Carnett 2018
Robert* and Judy Carter 2018
Pete and Sandy Churchwell 2017
G. Douglas Condley 2018
Darren* and Shelly Cook 2018
Jay and Hope Cranke 2018
Bob & Shirley Daggett 2018
Gary and Marcia Daniels 2018
Daniel and Pattie Denny 2018
Sharon and Tom Dittmer 2018
Steve* and Angie Duff 2018
Cheryl and Yancy Franklin 2018
Larry and Millie Herrelson 2017
Gary and Sally Herrington 2018
Bill and Paula Keefer 2018
Debra Logan 2018
Rod and Kathy McFarland 2018
Lyanna and Michael McKinney 2018
James and Debbie Mitchell 2018
Marilyn & Larry Mlnarik 2016
Sharon Morton 2018
Billie Napolitano 2016
Betty and David Navorska 2018
Sharon and Sam Raterman
Carol and Jeff Savage 2018
Tom* and Georgia Riggs 2018
Jerry and Connie Ruzicka 2017
Joe and Tausca Schillaci 2018

David and Janet Sloan 2018
Larry and Mary Ann Stout 2018
Bud and Susan Vick 2018
Joyce Weber 2018
Micki Weeks 2018
Mick and Vina Weiberg 2018
Chick & Karon Wheat 2016

Loren and Vicki Wright 2018

Carolyn Williams* 2017
Ron Young* 2018

*Denotes 2018 Board of Trustees or Board Emeritus member

Har-Ber Village Museum Grove OK