Har-Ber Village Museum Grove OK


The McDonald log cabin is one of more than 20 log cabins that can be found at Har-Ber Village Museum.

It was built in 1840 on Brush Creek in Whitner Township, Madison County, Arkansas, in the area known as the Boston Mountains.

It was the home of Christopher Columbus McDonald (called "Lum") and his wife Julia Ann Harp.  Lum and Julia were both born in 1849 in Arkansas and married in 1869. Lum owned and operated a blacksmith shop in Whitner. Together Lum and Julia raised seven children in the log cabin. 

The cabin has a fireplace, which was moved along with the logs, a full loft, split log floor and a solid cherry trundle bed that was pulled out at night for use by their children.

Lum's death is noted either 1921 or 1922;  Julia in 1906.

The log cabin was sold to Nolen Banks and later purchased, dismantled and moved by Mr. Harvey Jones to
Har-Ber Village Museum in 1968.

This information provided by Bonnie McDonald Davis, great-granddaughter of Lum, and great-great grandson Dennis Davis.