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Ramos, who has acted alongside Clint Eastwood and Ryan O'Neal and been directed by Walter Hill, displays a cerebral and emotional depth and understanding of Hooper's writing that gives him the ability to interpret the character he plays vividly, fiercely and with great wisdom, humor and feeling.

It’s a personal journey that takes us through three segments of Geronimo’s life. Starting in 1886 in mountains of Arizona and New Mexico in Act I – then in 1903 in a POW camp in Oklahoma in Act II – and then finally in Act III in 1918 on a street corner back in Oklahoma. Rudy takes us on a dramatically verbalized historical journey with subtle but effective changes in his performance that show how the events of his life wear on him with each act. Bravo Rudy, bravo!

On Saturday, April 21, at 7 pm, be sure to come to the Har-Ber Village Event Tent to see the dramatic presentation of Geronimo, Life on the Reservation, a play by Janelle Meraz Hooper, starring Rudy Ramos and directed by Steve Railsback. $20 for adults; $10 for middle and high school students.  Purchase your tickets here.

The white men will never tell the whole story. They control everything that is said about us in newspapers and books. Even the maps favor the whites. Look and you will see they are dotted with each place we fought the white soldiers. Look closely. You will see that if the soldiers won, it was a victory. If we won, it was a massacre.

A story of Geronimo’s life as a POW on the Ft. Sill Indian Reservation. It focuses on the resiliency, humor, and genius of the great Apache warrior.

In this presentation, Geronimo cleverly evolves from a surrendered Indian leader into a celebrity and entrepreneur. Keenly aware of how to work the political system, he joins the same church that Teddy Roosevelt belongs to and rides in his Inaugural Parade. Although he isn’t successful in getting everything he wants, he certainly succeeds in making the best of his situation.

Geronimo was never beaten. He simply adapted to his present circumstances.